Our Team

As a group of highly trained, experienced, compassionate professionals within the epilepsy community we strive to bridge the gaps between professional medical care and home life in order to bring success to individuals who are impacted by epilepsy and it’s challenges.  No two journeys are ever exactly the same but we are here to be your partner in navigating your roadmap. 

Kristin Hubbard Dostal

executive Director

Kristin leads the Foundation’s staff and works closely with the Board of Directors to ensure the goals and plans of the Foundation are meeting the needs of the Wisconsin residents that are affected by epilepsy. 

April Presley

Development Director

April plans and organizes all of the events that we host as a Foundation.  She works hard to increase our presence in the community, along with establishing and maintaining strong community relationships.

Alicia gajewsky


Alicia is in charge of all the Foundation’s programs, from planning and facilitation to evaluations and adjustments to provide the most up to date information and resources.  

John Mirasola

client services coordinator

John works closely with our populations to connect them with community resources, provide education and leads support group to assist individuals in their success.