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coronavirus (covid - 19) and epilepsy

We welcomed Dr. Elizabeth Felton and Dr. Barry Gidal to discuss COVID-19 and epilepsy.

Virtual Meet up: Covid-19 and epilepsy

Listen to our first Virtual Meet Up, talking about epilepsy and COVID-19.  Dr Janel Schneider and Dr. Elizabeth Felton joined us in our discussions.  Any additional questions please direct them to connect@epilepsywisconsin.org.

virtual meet up: Ketogenic diet overview

Join us while we discuss dietary therapy; the ketogenic diet with Neurologist Dr. Elizabeth Felton and Clinical Nutritionist Kelly Faltersack.                          More information can be found at www.uwhealth.org/ketogenicdiet and www.charliefoundation.com

VIrtual Meet Up: Epilepsy & my child toolkit

Learn about the Epilepsy and My Child Toolkit from the Epilepsy Foundation of American and the Epilepsy Foundation of Wisconsin

Virtual Meet up: VNS with LivaNova

Join us while we talk with LivaNova about the VNS: Vagas Nerve Stimulation.  For more information please visit https://livanova.com/en-US/Home/Products-Therapies/Neuromodulation.aspx

virtual meet up: Mental health & Epilepsy

Dr. Janel Schneider joined us to discuss Mental Health and Epilepsy.