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coronavirus (covid - 19) and epilepsy

We welcomed Dr. Elizabeth Felton and Dr. Barry Gidal to discuss COVID-19 and epilepsy.

Virtual Meet up: Covid-19 and epilepsy

Listen to our first Virtual Meet Up, talking about epilepsy and COVID-19.  Dr Janel Schneider and Dr. Elizabeth Felton joined us in our discussions.  Any additional questions please direct them to connect@epilepsywisconsin.org.

virtual meet up: Ketogenic diet overview

Join us while we discuss dietary therapy; the ketogenic diet with Neurologist Dr. Elizabeth Felton and Clinical Nutritionist Kelly Faltersack.                          More information can be found at www.uwhealth.org/ketogenicdiet and www.charliefoundation.com

VIrtual Meet Up: Epilepsy & my child toolkit

Learn about the Epilepsy and My Child Toolkit from the Epilepsy Foundation of American and the Epilepsy Foundation of Wisconsin

Virtual Meet up: VNS with LivaNova

Join us while we talk with LivaNova about the VNS: Vagas Nerve Stimulation.  For more information please visit https://livanova.com/en-US/Home/Products-Therapies/Neuromodulation.aspx

virtual meet up: Mental health & Epilepsy

Dr. Janel Schneider joined us to discuss Mental Health and Epilepsy.  

Virtual Meet up: RNS with neuropace

Join us as we discuss Responsive Neurostimulation for the treatment of refractory epilepsy with Dr. Christopher Anderson from Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee.

virtual meetup: ketogenic diet & pediatrics

We sat down with Nora McCormick, pediatric dietician at American Family Children’s Hospital, to discuss the Ketogenic Diet and Pediatrics. 

Join us as we talk with John and Sara, two adults living with epilepsy.